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The tightrope walker - a time traveler in the Matrix

Acrylic painting on canvas, 2023, 100x70x3.5cm

The tightrope walker

She floats on a tightrope between worlds
She laughs and dances without fear of falling.

She sees the signs that show her the way.
She hears the voices that tell her the truth.

She knows that she is dreaming and that she can awaken,
She chooses whether to stay or whether to go.

She's a time traveler in the Matrix,
She is a tightrope walker in art.

My work “The Tightrope Dancer – a Time Traveler in the Matrix” visually shows how our perception is limited. A young woman does acrobatic tricks on a rope. In the background there is an encrypted, foreign character text message that appears to influence what is happening. In between there are many other different matrix levels that differ from each other in color and shape and cross or overlap each other. Inspired by the science fiction trilogy “The Matrix” we can ask ourselves: What is reality? Can we trust our senses or are we trapped in a computer-generated world, the Matrix. What is the Matrix actually? Are they different time levels or even time dimensions. Why should our space only be 3-dimensional? Why shouldn't there be two, four, or any other number of dimensions at the same time? Even the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins (1942-2018) expressed such thoughts in his theses. We are still reaching our limits of perception physically and scientifically. But I'm sure we'll find an answer one day.

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